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Lastest news as of February 26, 2017, 2:36 am
The German Township firefighter involved in a serious motorcycle crash earlier this month is telling us about his near-death experience. Source: Headline News - WFIE
A driver plowed into a crowd of Endymion revelers Saturday, injuring several people. The crash happened at about 6:45 p.m. at the corner of Orleans and N. Carrollton  Avenue. Source: Headline News - WFIE
 Antiques Plus on Romain road in New Harmony is a family-run shop that's been around for decades. The family that runs the shop was down in Nashville setting up a booth when they heard the news, but when they got home, almost nothing was left.  Source: Headline News - WFIE
Newburgh's own Michael Rosenbaum is taking a break from Hollywood to spend time in town. Source: Headline News - WFIE
Alumni and friends of the late Ron Glass took the time to share their favorite memories of him on Saturday. Ron Glass was born in Evansville and graduated from UE.  Source: Headline News - WFIE
For at least the second straight week, concerned citizens in the Tri-State were protesting on the streets, asking their elected leaders to hold a town hall meeting.  Source: Headline News - WFIE
Trump's announcement comes one day after the New York Times and CNN, along with other outlets, were blocked from attending a closed briefing with press secretary Sean Spicer. Source: Headline News - WFIE
Democrats are beginning the process of rebuilding their party by electing a new chairman in Atlanta. Source: Headline News - WFIE
Foul play is not suspected in the death of the person discovered on Thursday near Pigeon Creek. Source: Headline News - WFIE
Muhammad Ali's son was detained by U.S. Customs and Border Protection investigators at a Florida airport earlier this month, his attorney confirmed on Saturday.  Source: Headline News - WFIE
One day after Malaysia revealed that VX nerve agent was used in a bizarre killing at Kuala Lumpur airport, police say they have raided a condominium and were awaiting lab results on what they found. Source: Headline News - WFIE
One person has been arrested following an investigation into child molestation allegations. Source: Headline News - WFIE
Syrian media says multiple explosions have struck a security building in the central city of Homs, inflicting numerous casualties. Source: Headline News - WFIE
One day after Malaysia revealed that VX nerve agent was used in a bizarre killing at Kuala Lumpur airport, police say they have raided a condominium and were awaiting lab results on what they found. Source: Headline News - WFIE
FBI Director James Comey is finding himself on the spot and in the middle of yet another political fray. Source: Headline News - WFIE
A neighborhood bar in suburban Kansas City where one man was killed and two others were injured is scheduled to reopen Saturday even as the community tries to recover from an attack that witnesses said was racially motivated. Source: Headline News - WFIE
Rankin County Coroner David Ruth has released the identity of the woman, whose body was found Friday evening in a Rankin County apartment. Source: Headline News - WFIE
A local U.S. Marine is back home after months of training, and tonight, he had a special tribute for his brother. Source: Headline News - WFIE
According to The Times and Democrat of Orangeburg, SC, Rufus Gate,s 17, pled guilty to second-degree burglary for his role in an armed robbery at a motel.   Source: Headline News - WFIE
A member of the Louisiana State Police Commission sent a letter of resignation to Gov. John Bel Edwards with complaints about the superintendent of Louisiana State Police just days before a US senator said the head of the agency needs to step down. Source: Headline News - WFIE
Billion-dollar tech giant Garmin is trying to digest the Kansas shooting death of one of its workers from India. Source: Headline News - WFIE
You never know how watching the news might pay off. For one Evansville man, it means one day soon he'll get to meet the woman who has the heart of the daughter he lost. Source: Headline News - WFIE
When a physician told Keri Young that her baby would only enjoy life for a few days, she immediately decided to take the baby to full term to help others.  Source: Headline News - WFIE
13 different Division II Women's Softball teams from the midwest, packing local hotels for the weekend.  Source: Headline News - WFIE
Three EPD officers cleared of using excessive force during an October arrest could be back to work next week.The decision -- made Thursday night after a marathon 13-hour EPD Merit Commission meeting. Source: Headline News - WFIE
Local say that the Wood Memorial Lady Trojans going to the State Championship has really brought the community together, and some are saying it's even revived the community.  Source: Headline News - WFIE
Analysts at the Homeland Security Department's intelligence arm have found insufficient evidence that citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries included in President Donald Trump's travel ban pose a terror threat to the United States. Source: Headline News - WFIE
Nearly 1000 firefighters from at least 5 states will be downtown for a convention.  Source: Headline News - WFIE
U.S. Senator John Kennedy says the superintendent of State Police needs to resign. The former state treasurer says he doubts the investigations into State Police will be a serious one. This follows our investigation that detailed a pricey conference trip that included a stay in the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas for four troopers. Source: Headline News - WFIE
Crews are on the scene of a large fire at Vuteq in Princeton. Source: Headline News - WFIE
A large brush fire in Hopkins County has caused Highway 62 to close. Source: Headline News - WFIE
In 1967, the Beatles were all the rage, the first Super Bowl was played, and a fledgling carnival krewe called Endymion paraded for the first time.  Source: Headline News - WFIE
State police are investigating a chase that started in Warrick County and ended after a crash in Vanderburgh County. Source: Headline News - WFIE
The Orangeburg County Sheriff's Office has arrested a 36-year-old man who they say forced his way into a woman's home and threatened to sexually assault her. Source: Headline News - WFIE
Multiple media outlets were barred from a White House media briefing Friday, including CNN and 'The New York Times.' Source: Headline News - WFIE


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